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Medicare Open Enrollment Ends on December 7th!

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Free Medicare Enrollment Program

At Choice Plus Benefits, we provide free enrollment assistance for Medicare Insurance. But you need to act fast because time is running out. The Medicare “Fall Enrollment Program” ends on December 7, 2014. So hurry!

Fall Open Enrollment Plan FAQs

The Fall Open Enrollment is available from October 15 to December 7 every year .This is your window of time to change your Medicare coverage. This can be done either by joining a Medicare Advantage plan or a separate prescription drug plan (PDP). You can also use this time to return to Original Medicare with or without a separate Part D plan from the Medicare Advantage Plan.


  • Your coverage will start from January 1 if you enroll in the plan
  • Fall Open Enrollment is the only time when you can choose a new Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan
  • You can also change to Original Medicare. In order to opt for Medicare drug coverage, you have to join a separate Part D plan.

Even if you feel completely satisfied with your current Medicare coverage,, it is smart to use this time of year to consider your options, educate yourself on new benefits,, and talk to an expert who can guide you through your questions.

Call us today at 972.850.0680. Or fill out the form on this page and one of our Medicare specialist will get right back to you.

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