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Health Insurance

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Penalties for NOT having insurance this year are:
$347.50 per child, $695 per adult or 2.5% of household income. Whichever is greater with a maximum penalty of $2,085 per family.
You MUST Enroll by 11/01/2015 to have Coverage for 2016.

Health insurance coverage can be confusing, but Choice Plus Benefits (a Dallas based health insurance agency) can help you navigate the many choices available for Texas health insurance coverage your family can rely on.

Quotes health InsuranceHealth insurance is incredibly valuable. If you become catastrophically ill, it can save your life. There are two primary types of health insurance. Some insurance is distributed by the government such as the Affordable Health Care Act (AHA or also known as Obamacare). These plans are usually used by people that are retired. Some of these plans are administered on the state level, while others are done federally. To find out if you qualify, you need to first look at your annual income. The second type of insurance is private insurance. If your insurance is not issued by the government, it is said to be private. It should be noted that every health insurance policy is unique. This means that the eligibility requirements can vary significantly. The majority of people with private health insurance get it from their employer.

Health insurance indeed offers more than financial benefits when life is threatened by serious ailments. It also provides peace of mind. While not all people choose to opt for it, those who do are better able to find the type of treatment they need when a serious condition strikes.

Did you know that there are Comprehensive Insurance Policies available in the market that offer wide coverage for the entire family under a single sum insured option? This plan also includes extraordinary features such as cashless hospitalization benefits with no capping on room rent and treatment costs, coverage for outpatient Dental & Ophthalmic treatments, maternity coverage, free health checkup and much more with guaranteed lifetime renewals.

Health care Insurance | Dallas TXMany health insurance plans require people to pay what is known as a deductible. A deductible is a sum of money that you are required to pay before the health insurance carrier will make any payments for you. Health insurance deductibles vary greatly by a plan. Some plans require you to pay thousands in advance before you have coverage. Other plans allow people to pay out a single small sum and then full coverage sets in. The kind of health insurance plan you choose should tell you well in advance what you can expect to pay each time. Some health insurance plans have a deductible that applies each year. Other health insurance companies have a deductible that may begin as little as every six months or as long as every eighteen months. You should have all information about your health care plan on the table before you sign anything.

Health insurance is a vitally important topic. Most people will face at least one major health insurance problem during their lifetime. Proper health insurance can help make this problem easier to face. Unfortunately finding the right health insurance is often a difficult task. People must wade through all sorts of jargon during the process. Even if you are insured, you will still face the difficult task of finding the right health insurance plan to suit your needs. If you are uninsured, you might opt for a simple plan with a high deductible that covers your medical needs in case of an emergency. If you purchase health insurance, you must make sure that the plan that you have will provide proper care if you get sick. You also need to make sure that you understand the ins and outs of each health insurance plan and the costs that you face monthly as well as if you get sick. This process is extremely important before you sign up for any health insurance plan.

At Choice Plus Benefits, our dedicated insurance agents are here to assist you through the health insurance policy selection process. Do not hesitate to give us a call. We never charge you for our services so you have nothing to lose.

All Federal Health Exchanges Offered!

Choice Plus Benefits makes it easy for you to get health insurance the way you want it. You’ll get:

  • Many plans and benefits options – so you can choose what best meets your needs.
  • Guarantee issue, Federal Exchanges offered as well as State of Texas Risk Pool.
  • Information in plain English
  • Quality Health Insurance and Competitive pricing
  • Co-pays from $25.00 – $35.00
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Outpatient Coverage
  • Full Accident coverage
  • Dental
  • Family coverage
  • Low to Moderate cost
  • A+ Rating
  • High Importance

Buy what you can afford, start with basics. We offer insurance plans with stable prices & rates guaranteed.

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