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Group Insurance

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group health insuranceAccording to Wikipedia, Group insurance is an insurance that covers a group of people, usually who are the employees of a common employer or professionals in a common group. Group coverage can help reduce the problem of adverse selection by creating a pool of people eligible to purchase insurance who belong to the group for reasons other than for the purposes of obtaining insurance. In other words, people belong to the group not because they possess some high-risk factor which makes them more apt to purchase insurance (thus increasing adverse selection); instead, they are in the group for reasons unrelated to insurance, such as all working for a particular employer.

With group insurance, you will be covered under one master policy, along with other people. The plus to group insurance is that it often provides adequate coverage at a rate that is much less than that which you would be able to find otherwise. The downside of you, as a self-employed person, buying into this type of coverage plan is that you will need to accept the plan as it is. In other words, there may be certain limitations such as only being able to see specific medical practitioners and be somewhat restricted as to which specialists you are referred to. Still, even with these limitations, the fact that you are getting good coverage may be enough to offset any restrictions regarding who you may see.

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Small Business Group Insurance share the costs between the employers and the employee. There are tax incentives that are available to the business in order for the employer to indeed provide the health insurance that their employees are worthy of.

small business group insuranceGroup insurance policies include fee for service plans; health maintenance organizations; point of service plans; and preferred provider organizations plans. It is important to choose a group health insurance plan that provides maximum benefit to employees.

Group insurance plays a pivotal role in influencing the psychology of an employee. It makes him feel a part of the organization, which in turn, motivates him to perform better. It even reduces employee attrition rate and unrest in labor unions. Special policies where the employees’ families are also covered for the benefits make them content and faithful to their employer.

Choice Plus Benefits offers group insurance policies from the top 20 insurance agencies in the world. To find out how we can help you motivate and take care of your employees, please give us a call.

What Does Group Insurance Usually Cover?

Definition: Group Insurance is insurance that covers a group of people with common characteristics. Usually, they are members of societies, employees of a common employer, or professionals in a common group.

  • Coverage limits are UNLIMITED!
  • Co-pays from $ 20.00 – $ 45.00
  • Emergency Room Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Outpatient Coverage
  • Full accident coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Disability Coverage
  • Companies Ratings – High
  • Value of Coverage – High
  • Cost- Low to Moderate

* Recommendation:
It’s always good to stay conservative. Stick to basic coverage and maintain stable costs. Buy only what you can afford to keep!

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