Life Insurance

    Definition: Life Insurance is a contract between the policy owner and the insurer, where the insurer agrees to pay a sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured’s death. In return, the policy owner agrees to pay a stipulated amount called a Premium at regular intervals. As with most insurance policies, Life Insurance is a contract between the insurer and the policy owner (policy holder) whereby a benefit is paid to the designated Beneficiary (or Beneficiaries).

    Term Insurance – 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years. Designed for low cost, short term exposure.

    Universal Life – A flexible type of insurance. For Individuals and families wanting some type of guaranteed protection for life. We offer Fixed Rate guaranteed and Equity Index Plans designed for highest maximum returns with no downside in capital.

    Whole Life Plans – These plans have been around for many years. You are guaranteed coverage until death and premiums remain level until you reach age 100 when the full face-value of the policy is given to you.

    Joint Whole Life – Plans designed for business owners and married couples who want to keep premiums down without losing protection with fixed prices.

    Children’s Policies- Designed either for maximum savings or maximum protection with low premium in mind.

    Endowments – Plans that are designed to leave maximum amounts of tax-free money to churches, charities, universities, etc…

    Buy/Sell Agreements – Designed to protect business owners if a partner dies. A set price is paid to settle the deceased owner’s portion of the company, guaranteeing the survival of remaining owner(s).

    * Recommendation:
    Buy enough protection to cover all debts and create an income for your family.

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